Why H Window?

Proven Quality and Durability
Combined with Superior Performance.

Extruded Aluminum Exterior

  • Maintenance Free
  • Structurally stronger than aluminum clad windows
  • Available in 5 standard powder coat colors (White, brown, tan, green and crème)
    or choose from a variety of anodized finishes or custom colors

Wood Interior

  • Pine and Oak are standard woods
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Warms the interior environment and compliments interior finishes
  • Available unfinished for field finishing, primed white for painting or
    with a factory applied finish in 11 standard stain colors
  • Custom stains or paints also available
  • Available with custom woods like maple, cherry, mahogany, fir and more

Insulating Glass

  • Only two glass surfaces to clean
  • High performing low-E coating for excellent thermal
    performance and UV protection
  • Argon filled with warm edge air spacer technology
    for improved thermal performance
  • Available in double or triple pane, and with a
    variety of custom glass options

H Window Hinging Systems

  • Proven to last a lifetime
  • Engineered and manufactured in Europe
  • Unique design allows the window to fully reverse for easy
    cleaning without interfering with interior window treatments
  • The projected hinge allows for ventilation in inclement weather
    and provides a softer ventilation
  • The traditional casement hinge has the same unique reversible
    function as the awning style hinge
  • The hinge system allows the window to seal on a flat plane and is the
    reason for it’s superior air and water tightness

H Window Push-Bar Operating Hardware

  • Easy effortless operation
  • Meets the American Disabilities Act, less than 5 pounds operating force
  • Multiple ventilating positions. Incorporates a full width locking
    rod for tight sealing and allows the window to have the industry’s
    highest security rating against forced entry
  • Meets most fire egress codes without a special type of
    hardware or special operating knowledge
  • Also available with roto-crank, custodial, or euro-style hardware


  • Extruded aluminum frame with staked corner keys for strength
  • Cam operators for easy screen removal
  • Fiberglass or aluminum mesh screen cloth. Industry standard
    screen mesh replacement method

Custom Built

  • Unique design capabilities with the largest operating windows available
  • Each window is built to exact customer specifications
  • Jamb extensions and interior trim are available
  • Exterior extruded aluminum panning system available for a totally
    maintenance free exterior in commercial replacement applications

Removable Exterior and Interior Grills

  • Exterior grills are heavy weight extruded aluminum with a snapmount for easy removal or as tamper proof for security
  • Interior removable wood grills with or without surround
  • Spacer bars are an option for a complete simulated divided lightappearance. This option could reduce thermal performance
  • Between-the-glass grills for an undivided interior andexterior glass surface


Lab Field
Air infiltration: <0.01 CFM <0.10 CFM
Water penetration: 12 PSF-no leak 10 PSF-no leak
  • Structural Performance: 105 PSF (205 mph wind)
  • Industry rating: AW 70 (*higher ratings available upon request)
  • Sound attenuation: STC 28-46 based on type and glass used
  • Forced entry level: 40 (highest in the industry)
  • Field tests proving superior performance after installation


  • Pressure glazing system allows the glass to be
    replaced without requiring special tools
  • Weather-stripping is kerf mounted and removable, allowing you to
    recondition the windows or remove the weather-strip when the window is being finished
  • All operating hardware parts are designed to be easily
    replaced should the need arise

Company Support

  • Factory trained and certified dealers
  • Interior removable wood grills with or without surround
  • On site assistance for the contractor when the first
    windows are being installed
  • User manual providing instructions for operating,
    cleaning and maintenance of the window,parts list manual,
    and a limited ten year warranty
  • Phone assistance available for service or installation.
    Please contact our Customer Service Department