The H Window Story

It all began in Aalesund, Norway when inventor Harald Kvasnes wanted to simplify window washing and had an idea for a reversible projecting hinge mechanism allowing a window sash to rotate without needing to use ladders or removing window treatments. In the first year of operations, 1959, only 200 H Windows were sold. The next year Norwegian window manufacturers signed up as H-licensees. Additional design improvements were made in 1970 leading to the establishment of H Window licensees in other countries. Since 1959 more than 45 million projecting hinges have been sold around the world. With a track record of 0.0006% factory registered complaints or 6 ‘faulty’ hinges for every one million sold, it continues to be one of the most reliable, safest, and in-demand window mechanisms on the market.

Designed in Norway. Built in America.

In 1987 the H Window Company launched in Monticello, MN to test whether the innovative reversible window system would find the same success in the North American market as it had in the European market. The company slowly grew as the aluminum/wood composite window gained acceptance and notoriety for its functionality and quality. H Window and their trained authorized dealer network became trusted suppliers for commercial and residential projects in new construction and renovations in the Upper-Midwest as well as many major cities throughout the United States.

A group of business leaders acquired the H Window Company’s US operation in 2001, and relocated to Wisconsin’s North Shore where continual investments in automated machinery and equipment led to new levels of achievement in quality and consistency. Additional product lines were developed to create a comprehensive and well coordinated set of solutions for window and door openings.

H Window’s most recent innovation, the Timber Curtain Wall, extends our same level of quality and performance for nearly limitless sizes of glass walls used in state-of-the-art commercial and large residential projects. This new system brings superior beauty, thermal performance, and carbon reduction to projects typically served by less efficient aluminum systems.

A recent ownership transition has brought additional expertise in manufacturing, marketing, and financial management with a vision to grow the company, invest in the Ashland, WI community, and continue H Window’s legacy of innovation and quality.

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