The beauty of H Windows arises from exceptional materials in the hands of skilled craftsmen executing unrivaled designs. The elegant aesthetics of our windows and doors are rooted in highly intentional engineering that has made us the provider of choice for architects and building owners throughout the United States.

Sustainable Stewardship

We are passionate about our role as stewards of the earth. Architectural products are beautiful, enduring, and revolutionary when they are rooted in a wholistic Sustainable Stewardship ethos.

Sustainable Stewardship is defined by the interconnected principles of responsible materials, human wellness, product longevity, and energy efficiency. 

Responsible Materials

We use regenerative materials like bamboo and authentic natural wood for carbon sequestering. We offer FSC certified woods to promote responsible forestry practices. Our aluminum and glass components contain high levels of recycled content.


We use robust components designed and tested for long service life. The service life of our windows and doors is extended because of how easy they are to maintain and repair. At the end of their service life our products can be disassembled for material recycling and wood fiber composting.



The structural strength of our products supports greater expanses of daylight and views. Our natural materials have a biophilic appeal. We use low VOC coatings for improved indoor air quality.

Our people are treated with ethical employment practices, a safe working environment, and comprehensive benefits. We have local ownership and invest in community philanthropy and volunteerism.


Through careful engineering and construction our products achieve excellent thermal performance ratings resulting in lower energy use and higher comfort for building occupants.

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