Natural glass. 

Timber Curtain Wall

H Window’s Timber Curtain Wall is a convergence of nature’s beauty and architectural ingenuity. Crafted from high quality engineered timber, our curtain wall provides expansive views with warmth and elegance. This innovative technology utilizes timber’s high insulative properties and low embodied carbon to create glass façades with maximum visual effect and minimal environmental impact.     


Total Unit U-Factor

The unrivalled thermal energy performance of our timber curtain wall is achieved using the inherent insulative properties of wood materials as well as an extremely air-tight seal formed by the high quality dry-glazed gaskets. The system is vented and drained ensuring this thermal performance lasts the test of time.

Fully-Engineered System

With our engineering and fabrication expertise, H Window is well equipped to 

co-create unique façade elements for truly remarkable architectural projects. 

Our team of in-house engineers and architects work closely with design teams to provide  rigorous engineering and detail coordination ensuring the system is fully integrated with the building’s architectural and structural design. 


Fabricated Façade

Construction efficiency is accomplished because the Timber Curtain Wall is manufactured in a climate-controlled facility and arrives at project sites ready for assembly with pre-cut mullions; pre-attached connection brackets, screw splines, and glass supports; pre-loaded gaskets, and pre-drilled mounting holes.  


Vertical and horizontal curtain wall mullions are connected using concealed brackets for a simple, modular installation process.

Thermal Superiority

A thermal analysis shows significant energy transfer (loss) even through thermally broken aluminum mullions compared to timber mullions.

This isothermal diagram demonstrates when the outside air temperature is 2.5°F and the inside air temperature is 69°F, the inside surface temperature of a timber mullion will be equal to room temperature, while the surface of an aluminum mullion is 8.7°F colder than room temperature. 

Timber Curtain Wall

Typical High Performance Aluminum Curtain Wall

Isothermal Fahrenheit Scale

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