H Windows

Fully reversible awning or casement for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Window does not intrude into interior or interfere with window treatments.

Revolutionary Operation
All over the world, the sun pours through more than 10 million very special windows. Revolutionary windows. H Windows.So sensible, so suprisingly simple, H Windows revolve a full 180° for easy cleaning and maintenance without intruding into the room.A remarkable hinge system is the H Window secret. Crafted in Norway by H Window industries, the H hinge has been the Scandanavian market leader for three decades. The superior performance and design of the H Window hinge has been proven millions of times around the world by the 60 companies in 10 countries using H Window Hinge Systems.Today, H Window Systems are available in America, custom built in Wisconsin for architects, builders and homeowners who refuse to compromise on style, function and quality.

Single operating projected sizes

Single frame and multiple sash windows

Custom Manufactured

H Window offers the largest operating windows available in the U.S. The unique hinge design makes H Windows so amazingly strong, so perfectly balanced, they let you think in completely new dimensions. Dimensions like six feet wide or six feet high.

Even ten feet high and ten feet wide with virtually any combination of fixed or horizontally operable sash in a single massive frame. Just think of the possiblities!

DP: Design Pressure

AW: Highest performance class.

Monumental Performance

As you might expect from Scandanavian window technology, outstanding performance comes standard in every H Window we build here in Wisconsin.

The H Window outperforms the competition in total performance tests. No operable window seals tighter. In fact, H Window scores better on 50 mph air infiltration tests than most windows can at 25 mph, and not just in the lab. We set our benchmarks in real world tests on installed windows. High performance is due to the design of the hinge, which allows an uninterrupted perimeter seal, meaning that the harder the wind blows, the tighter the H Window becomes.

Innovative Engineering

H Windows combine the beauty and warmth of wood with the unparalled strength, weather resistance and durability of a custom-finished extruded aluminum exterior.

We believe that windows, like homes, should be built to last for generations. Just look at an H Window side by side with other standard “premium” windows, and you’ll see the difference… and appreciated the quality year after year.